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Mind Body Soul booked for JUNE 16

We still have lots of time, but it does tend to sneak up on us.

We will be looking to make super fight matches starting in April. If you are a Brown or Black belt looking to have match for the custom belt let me know.


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June 16

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The Schedule

Hey everyone,

Here it is:




Please keep in mind to be ready 30 minutes before your division is scheduled to start.  For the divisions after 1pm, please be ready 1 hour before.  If all competitors are present and a ring is available we will do the matches early.


Once you arrive at the Edmonton Military Fitness Garrison, go to the gymnasium

  • Check in at the tables and make sure you are in the correct divisions.  Please bring your registration confirmation.
  • Wait until your division is called to the Bullpen (Staging area)
  • Once there you will weigh in and have your Gi, No Gi, Muay Thai gear checked
  • You will wait in the staging area until all competitors are present, then you will be brought to the ring.  The assigned ring may change if there is one ready sooner
  • All competitors must stay at the ring throughout the length of the division
  • Medals will be awarded in the ring and then you will be free to leave and repeat the process for your next division if you are in one.

Weigh ins are with Gear on.  We will allow a 2 lbs as a buffer as peoples may be different than our own.  We do not wish to disqualify anyone but if your weight is over 2lbs off you we be DQ’d with no refund.

HEAD GEAR is MANDATORY for Kickboxing and Muay Thai… this will not be for sale at the event.


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Tournament Etiquette

We have been very fortunate over the years to have events that are run smoothly but there are times when misunderstandings happen which leads to upsetting moments.  We ask that the BJJ community do it’s best to conduct itself in a way that is respectful at all times.

Please keep in mind:

  • Any competitor, coach or spectator that is not conducting themselves in a respectful manner will be removed from the event.  Arguing with other Athletes, Coaches, Spectators, Referees or Volunteer will not be tolerated.

We understand that at competitions we will get many people that are passionate about winning.  Please remember that the referees are doing their best and have been trained under the ruleset laid out by the IBJJF .  If you would like to know more on how you too can become a referee please talk to Mike Yackulic at the tournament.

We love to share the knowledge and help educate the community.  If you would like to watch the rules we did, please click HERE


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We are happy to announce that we will be having two high ranking BJJ guys come out to do a seminar on their specialties.

Stuart Tutkaluk and Mike Griesbeck are going to share with us some of the moves the’ve specialize in and have tested in competition numerous times.

The seminar will be at the North Edmonton Arashi Do Sunday June 4th at noon.

If you compete or volunteer at the MBS the cost is only $20, if you missed the tournament the cost is only $40.

All money goes to Stu and Mike to cover their travel expenses.

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Hey everyone,

We just got everything going.  To ensure you are in the proper division please check the link below.

If there is a problem please email Maura HERE


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Here ya go… the moment some of you were waiting for… almost 100 people registered last year on the last day.  So all of you that were sitting back, hemming and hawwing, the time has come.



REMEMBER, you can still register for Absolute or add other divisions.  Just email me at with all your info and the division you would like to be in and send me an email transfer for $15.

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