Schedule for the Day

Sorry for such a late time getting this out to you.  A had a hard time with the programmer and the times were drastically bloated.

That said these times are pretty tight and require everyone to be at the venue on time.  It does not account to injuries, people in two divisions at the same time (but they are scheduled to not conflict) and other mishaps that slow the day down but they also assume each match goes the distance which happens in the 5,6,7 yr olds and Muay Thai divisions and about 3/4 of the rest.  So it should balance out.

I know it is confusing to look at but the benefit is you will have a good idea what time and ring you are on.  I hope it works out or that last 8 hours were a waste.

Hope everyone has a great day



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Muay Thai / Kickboxing Schedule

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KIDS – Teen GI / No Gi Schedule

Hey everyone, hope this makes sense.  This is likely the order we are going in.  I will get the adults done after I set up the event tonight but adults will be starting with Executive Gi and Womens Gi at 12:45

MBS 2018 Kids Schedule

I hope everyone understands.  I know it’s a lot of stuff on there.

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Rough draft schedule

Working on fixing the schedule now. It looks like what I posted last night will work.

10 am 5,6,7,8 year Gi
10:45am 9, 10 Gi
11am 5,6,7 No Gi
11:15 am 11/12 Gi
12pm 13-15 Gi
12pm 8,9,10 No Gi
12:45pm 10, 11, 12 No Gi
1pm 13-15 No Gi
1pm Teens and Adults (start with Exec and Women, then Purple, Blue, White and Novice)
Muay Thai Adults starting at 11am with 6year old kids starting around 12:30pm
This is of course an estimate. I should have some better times by 9pm
Please be ready 45 min before your event is scheduled to weigh in.
For those new to the process:
Register when you come in, ideally an hour before your event
When you hear your division called go to the Bullpen
Get your weight an uniform checked
wait in bullpen to get a ring coordinator to take you to your ring
Do your division
receive medals in the ring
Go get ready for next event and repeat the process.
Hope everyone is ready to go tomorrow.


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I have seen a lot as a ref that has made me cringe or feel bad when one kids hurts another kid and it’s “fine” under the rules.  I don’t believe this is necessary or good at encouraging kids to use proper Jiu Jitsu techniques.

So starting at this Mind Body Soul we are going to be making a rule that there is no direct pressure allowed on the wind pipe for children under 16. (exceptions will likely be made for Orange Belts and higher).  These include but are not limited too:

  • Amassa Pao Choke when Standing in the Guard (2 Knees on floor will be acceptable)
  • Forearm on the throat from Mount, Side Mount or standing in the Guard
  • Forearm on the throat while choking from Rear Mount with or without the Gi
  • Head scissor regardless of pressure on the windpipe
  • Same applies for fists, wrists, shins etc on the throat.

We have made a short video going over some of the chokes in question which you can see here:

If you have any questions, please email me at .  It is much better to clear this up before hand instead of seeing if you can get away with it.


Lots of warnings will be made at this weekends event.  I am sure with some this will be an unpopular decision but I do believe this will make for a more enjoyable tournament as well as encourage kids to learn how to do a better choke.

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Mike Yackulic

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I know everyone has been anxious to see the divisions and make sure everything is fine.

Here is the list by division:

Please make sure you are in the proper divisions.  If there is a change to be made please email us at

Any changes must be done by tomorrow at 6PM our time!

If you have questions about the event, what to do day of please email me at  I will be putting up a video/post about what to do day of tomorrow but if you email me your question I’ll make sure it is answered for everyone.

As for the schedule, the sooner the changes are in the sooner the schedule comes out.  It is likely not going to be before Friday but fingers crossed.


Good luck to everyone and check back soon,

Mike Yackulic

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Updated Weight Classes

Hey everyone,

We are making a couple changes in the weight divisions, specifically the childrens Muay Thai divisions and some smaller changes to kids and womens BJJ.

Here is the new list of weight classes:

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