Tournament Etiquette

We have been very fortunate over the years to have events that are run smoothly but there are times when misunderstandings happen which leads to upsetting moments.  We ask that the BJJ community do it’s best to conduct itself in a way that is respectful at all times.

Please keep in mind:

  • Any competitor, coach or spectator that is not conducting themselves in a respectful manner will be removed from the event.  Arguing with other Athletes, Coaches, Spectators, Referees or Volunteer will not be tolerated.

We understand that at competitions we will get many people that are passionate about winning.  Please remember that the referees are doing their best and have been trained under the ruleset laid out by the IBJJF .  If you would like to know more on how you too can become a referee please talk to Mike Yackulic at the tournament.

We love to share the knowledge and help educate the community.  If you would like to watch the rules we did, please click HERE


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