Schedule for the day

Ok everyone, here it is:



We would appreciate everyone to show up 1 hour before your division is scheduled.

Especially for those starting the day off.  Some of the divisions are small and we would like to get you going right away on time.  If we can start on time we can stay on time.

About 40 minutes before your divisions is scheduled we will call you to the BULLPEN, look for the banner in the corner of the Gym.



Once you go to the bullpen you will be weighed and your gear will be checked to make sure it is safe for competition.  Things we are looking for are:

  • BJJ – Gi sleeves and pants not too short or tight, no tears or holes, no blood on clothing
  • No Gi – No zippers, pockets or hard materials, no tears/holes or blood.
  • Muay Thai/Kickboxing – Proper size gloves, clean shirts/shorts with no blood.

In the event that your gear does not meet the requirements you will be given 5 minutes to find a replacement.  This goes for gear damaged (ripped or bloodied) during your match as well.  Bring extra gear if you are concerned.

Once the division before yours in the Semi Finals you will be brought to the ring by your RING COORDINATOR and instructed where to sit and wait.  DO NOT LEAVE OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.  If you have to go to the bathroom do so before the division is called.

We will do our best to announce the divisions clearly but it is a large gym with a lot of people.  We will also do our VERY BEST to stay on schedule. so hover around the Bullpen area 45 minutes before your division is scheduled so you do not miss the call.

This is a large event and requires a lot of volunteers to make the day run smooth.  If you are nervous or excited, please be patient with the volunteers and refs and show them the respect your would like to see returned to you.

Please post questions here so they are all in the same place for everyone to see.

We will have Subway sandwiches and water for sale as well.

There are a limited amount of puzzle mats for sale at the end of the day.  Please email me at if you would like to save some.  1/3rd of them are already spoken for, so don’t wait.  Only $20 each for a 3’x3’x1″ mat.  Normal retail is $35-$40.

All the best

Mike Yackulic


About myackulic

Arashi Do North has been open since Jan 2004 (since 1985 in Alberta). We offer Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes to Children 4-7, 8-12, 14-16 and adults (16+). Come try out a class with use and check out our other social media for neat videos and photos.
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