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Reason #4 – It gives you a chance to strengthen you bond with your teammates and coaches.  If you want to do well in competition, and I mean you really want to win, it takes effort.  Not just on your behalf, but your team.  It is not something you can do alone.

Your need training partners to work with, a coach to guide you and they have to be interested in helping you.  It is no surprise that many BJJ Schools call their team a family, it is.  For some people the bond you have with your teammates is stronger than the ones you have with your siblings.

Your teammates have see you sweat, cry and bleed on the mats, hopefully the mats were cleaned afterwards no one wants to train on tear soaked mats.  You have confided with your coach on you insecurities and they guide you to make the best decision for you.  All this happens with prepping for competition, this is the REAL test.

MBS LogoThe competition itself is a chance to show off and have fun, to see what all your hard work and your teams hard work has become.  Your victory is shared with your team and the weight of your loses are carried by them to, as a team.

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