Illegal Submissions, Things to Stay Away From

The last video in our series is about which Submissions are illegal for the various belts and ages.  This is an important video for parents to watch as sometimes Instructors show moves that children are not allowed to do in competition.  Please watch carefully and make sure to watch the last part, from 5:29 on, when coach Paul goes over how multiple penalties affect the match.

Illegal Submissions

We encourage you to watch all the videos so you, your students, your child, your coaches are prepared for the tournament.

Our goal is for everyone to understand the rules so we can all play the same game with the same understanding, making this a fun, fair and competitive day.

If you haven’t registered yet, please make sure to do so soon.  We still have tons of things to add this week and next, including a closer look at our new medals and a special gift for the competitors.

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