Points for Positions

Todays video is covering where you do and where you don’t get points under IBJJF rules.  This is probably the most confusing part for people as different tournaments (Non IBJJF) have different rules regarding points.

The goal here is to ensure everyone is aware of how the points will get scored at Mind Body Soul (and other Arashi Do/IBJJF tournaments).  The video is short, only 6 minutes and does cover the details quite well



If you haven’t registered yet, you still have until the end of the month to get Pre Registration pricing.  Save some money and register now.

For those that are unsure of how your weight may change or other factors, worry not.  The week of the tournament we will post the divisions to make sure you are in the right one and to allow for any changes to divisions.


Click the picture to register now!

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