Online Pre Registration Sale Ends Friday

MBS Profile 1Only 5 days left to register at sale prices.



Last year we had 220 people register online and over 200 register at the door.  We were disappointed in how long it took to register people and we are hopeful online registration will speed up the process and allow us to give a more accurate schedule for the days events.

Rates go up on Saturday, so don’t waste any time, get in now!

Some people were confused with the registration process.  If you need help please give me an email.

One of the points of confusion is that there is no single division entries.  We are dealing with that right now and will have an option up right away.  We offer everyone a chance to enter the second division for no extra charge so everyone can get more experience.




If you register BEFORE May 15 to get early bird prices.  You can still register up until May 27 though.


About myackulic

Arashi Do North has been open since Jan 2004 (since 1985 in Alberta). We offer Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes to Children 4-7, 8-12, 14-16 and adults (16+). Come try out a class with use and check out our other social media for neat videos and photos.
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