Reason #9 to Compete

We are awarding up to 16 Custom Championship Belts!

We have never had this many belts go out in one tournament before and we are super excited about it.  There is going to be some fantastic fights for those testing themselves in these special divisions.


We have 4 Super Fights Belts!  These matches have been prearranged for some time now and I know the guys are itching to compete.  Matches start at 11am, so come out and cheer these guys on.


Brown Belt Match – Josh Tomik vs. Chris Mattock: 8 Minutes No Gi

No Gi Superfight Belt Match – Eric Andre vs. Bashir Kazemipur: 8 Minutes No Gi

Black Belt Match – Cole Dutchik vs. Rob Thompson: 10 Minutes BJJ

Heavyweight Superfight Match – Tim Hague vs. Correy Payette: 10 Minutes No Gi


We have 5 Absolute BJJ Belts for the Black Belts, Brown Belts, Purple Belts, Blue Belts and White Belts!  These belts are up for grabs to competitors in their respective division.  You MUST compete in your Gi Division to be allowed to compete in the Absolute Division, but you do not have to place to be allowed to compete for the belt.

The Absolute division will be at the end of the day, 4pm to make sure people get a rest before this division starts.

IMG_9439IMG_0782 IMG_0781 IMG_0780 IMG_0779








We have 6 Submission Series No Gi Belts for those that place in The Submission Series throughout the year.  You will see many good matches and with it being No Gi expect some fast scramble and finishes.  Definitely one not to miss.  These guys will be going at 2pm.



As you can see it will be a busy day.  We hope all the competitors are in good shape and ready to compete at their best.  If you are not competing, come out and cheer them on.





If you still haven’t registered, better get it done soon.  Pre-Registration closes TOMORROW at 11pm.  So now is the time to make your plans.


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Arashi Do North has been open since Jan 2004 (since 1985 in Alberta). We offer Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes to Children 4-7, 8-12, 14-16 and adults (16+). Come try out a class with use and check out our other social media for neat videos and photos.
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