And the Coach of the year is….

For the second year in a row, Lane Binetruy of Arashi Do West Edmonton is the Winner of the Mind Body Soul Coaches Award.

Scores were very close this year with 1 win separating many of the placements.


  Name School Point
1 Lane Binetruy Arashi Do West Edm 136
2 Mike Yackulic Arashi Do North Edm 129
3 Misty Shearer Rocca 126
4 Ryan McGillviary Legends 122
5 Gary Vig Arashi Do Red Deer 120
6 Luke Harris Hayabusa 119
7 Rodrigo Resende Cia Paulista 114
8 Josh Russel Gracie Barra Calgary 111
9 Anderson Goncalves AGBJJ 106
10 Adam Laporte Crank Gym 98

Thanks to all the clubs for supporting the event this year and I look forward to dethroning Lane next year… as I am sure many of you are 🙂

Sorry for the late results, but it took longer than expected to track all the scores, next year we will have a different process for collecting results.


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