Pre- Register and Save!

Go to to register for the Mind Body Soul.

Pre-registration will close May 2nd at 10pm.

The event is scheduled for May 4th at the Edmonton Military Fitness Garrison.  Be sure to check the Division Page to ensure you register in the proper divisions.

Weigh ins will be done the DAY OF.  Please plan on this when entering your weight (What it will be May 4th, without the Gi on, must be t shirt and shorts).


Those that pre-register AND bring their printed email confirmation, will only pay-

Children’s Game (ages 4-7) $20

ALL Women’s Divisions $40 for 1 and $50 for each division thereafter

For everyone else

$50 for 1 division and $10 for each division thereafter

Those that register the day of will be charged-

$15 above the Pre-Registration Rate

For those that DO NOT make the weight they entered, there will be a administration charge of-

$25 for the first division and $5 for each division thereafter.

We are confident this method of pre-registration will greatly speed up the match making process (the most time consuming part).  Please be sure of your divisions and weight.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you,

Mike Yackulic

Tournament Director

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